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Bristol Who’s Who Recognizes Prof. Mag. Brita Pilshofer

Prof. Mag. Brita Pilshofer is the CEO of LINGUAS Language Services, an interpretation, synchronization and advisory company offering translation and education services. Launched in May 2015, Brita has over 25 years of experience in language studies and services. A noted international speaker, she speaks an impressive 8 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek (Old to 1453), Modern Greek, Latin, and her native tongue, German. Under Brita’s deft leadership LINGUAS as the Marketing specialist and consultant cooperates with governments at home and abroad for an Austrian educational company endeavoring to establish Austrian vocational and technical education on a larger scale. LINGUAS also offers Austrian and international qualifications, certificates and diploma programs.
A lover of language from an early age, Brita studied for her Magistra, Klass in Philology and English Studies at the University of Graz, and studied Portuguese in Brazil. Between 1987 and 1997, Brita spoke at international conferences (also ILO/I.I.R.A annual meetings) on issues concerning gender, work and social affairs. She is also a distinguished author, and truly values helping others and sharing her vast knowledge.
( Date of Publication: 2015)

In 2016 Prof. Brita Pilshofer became Full Member of ILO/ILERA.

Promotion by Advantage Austria ( WKO) for LINGUAS in Iran



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Prof. Mag. Brita Pilshofer is Full Member of ILO/ILERA

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We cooperate with and operate under the umbrella of the Austrian Ministery of Education, Research and Economy for the Project " Education is Barrier-Free" ( see next page).

We cooperate with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce- International Sector.

LINGUAS  received the go-international award by WKO ( Austrian Chamber of Commerce) for the project " Education without Barriers" on August 10, 2016.

Basic Presentation of the Project Education is Barrier

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About me

Prof. Mag. Brita Pilshofer has a 33- year experience as a professor of languages and was Head of the English Department at the Swiss- Brazilian School ( International School) in Sao Paulo ( ESBSP).

She is Member of the Austrian Association of Research and Development of Education ( ÖFEB) and founder of a political network on education in all levels of education ( BSA-AG Bildung).

From 1987-1997 she was Individual Member of the International Labour Organisation ( ILO) and delivered speeches about work, gender and social affairs all over Europe.

She has a certificate to act as an educational consultant by the Magistrate of Salzburg ( 01/01/60245/2015/002)

Owner and CEO of the enterprise for language services LINGUAS ( Mag. phil. Brita Pilshofer, GISA: 27712047)

Project Manager of the project „ Education is Barrier- Free „ 
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www. mag-brita-pilshofer.at

Consultant with  KEM until June 1, 2016, Project Manager of Higher Technical Education in Iran , Mexico) fostered by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce ( WKO Förderung)

Member of ÖFEB ( Österreichische Gesellschaft für Forschung und Entwicklung im Bildungswesen)



World Bank Promoting Soft Skills


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